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So you want to get rich huh?

Hey, what’s up, all you passionate people? Welcome to another edition of Passion and Grit where we believe that Monday’s don’t have to suck.

Today I want to talk to you about getting rich. I hear people say it all the time: “I want to get rich! I want to get wealthy!” Let me first talk to you about the difference between rich and wealth. Rich is having a lot of money. Wealthy is being able to cover your expenses whether you work or not. They are two completely different things. They can go hand in hand, but I’m going to challenge you today to pick one. Once you pick one, set some goals to get there. A lot of times, I hear people all the time, “I want to get rich!” Good, but you got to have a way to get there! Or else, you’re never going to get there, and 10 years from now, you’re going to be standing exactly where you are right now still wanting to get rich. I’m going to challenge you today to create a goal.

A great first goal is to go through and have a positive net worth. Notice I didn’t say “no debt.” No debt is great, but there are some debts in life that are actually good debts; certain business debts are good debts to have because they create more income than it costs you. Get with somebody who understands finances and economics, or maybe just Google it, search for it online, “how to create a balance statement.” Concentrate on a positive network. If you don’t have any goals yet, and you have an aspiration to become rich or become wealthy, there’s a great first goal!

Again, that’s just a challenge. Maybe you have a different goal, but set a goal. Write it down. Look at it every single day and start pursuing it because you can’t get there until you start taking steps.

As always, live life with Passion and Grit; passion, because without it, life is just boring, and sometimes you’ve got to grit your teeth and do whatever it takes to succeed, because life is short and it’s time we stop just surviving it and start living it now!

Love you guys!



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