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David Dischler started Passion and Grit as a hobby at first to motivate those who were looking to get further in life. He found himself in a very negative spot in his life and began reading, listening and gleaning knowledge from great philosophers and speakers such as Jim Rohn, Art Williams, Eric Thomas and others.  As he began publishing thoughts and ideas that he learned, he found that others were hungry for more, and so he started Passion and Grit as an avenue to inspire people to become the best version of themselves possible.

Long Bio

David is from a small town in Louisiana where he grew up with 3 other siblings and his parents. David is very competitive and played varsity baseball at his local high school and enjoyed a country boy’s life. His parents instilled into him a life of faith and community and he played on the church worship team. He grew up wrenching on cars with his dad at his father’s auto body shop, and even though he was fortunate to have a great family life, money was scarce.  He knew that there had to be more and he was hungry for it.

Upon graduation, David moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to attend Louisiana State University for Business Management. While most of his friends enjoyed ‘college life’, David went to school 18 hours a week and would work at a local auto body shop up to 25 hours a week to pay for college.  His grades suffered and he ended up not being able to graduate at the school he dreamed of graduating from since he was 10 years old!

David felt embarrassed and crushed and ended up dropping out of the school he was forced to transfer to.  David realized he had always been mediocre. A mediocre student… a mediocre musician who was okay with being average. He was a mediocre athlete, only diving into practice deeply when his spot on the Varsity team was in jeopardy. A mediocre worker, never dedicating himself to becoming better at his craft. He vowed from that day forward to never start something he wasn’t going to finish, and to go 110% or not at all.

Over the course of the next few years, David married his soul mate Karina and they moved to Florida and started their own business.  They ran this business successfully until one day as David entered his home, he looked at his 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter and realized…they did not know their father.  He was working 60-80 hours a week and covering their 4 offices, but was not the father he was supposed to be.  David felt like he had always been mediocre at everything he performed, but did not want that to be his story as a father and husband.  That day he decided to sell his business and begin a hard trek of building a passive income-based lifestyle.  He turned to network marketing first through a company called Limu (overview) and was successful in a fairly short amount of time. They used the money from that income stream to invest into other passive income streams such as real estate and transportation.

The transition from active to passive income was a tough one and pushed David to his limit mentally and emotionally. He went from being what he thought of as a very strong positive personality, to fighting negativity on a daily basis and was pushed to the limit where he thought he’d crack! He knew he had only two options… quit and live a mediocre life, or push through, get better, and own it! He heard a talk on YouTube where Business Philosopher Jim Rohn talked about attracting the right people to your life by becoming attractive. David decided to dive into personal growth, business and leadership insights, and financial education. He found that he could not put books down on the subjects. He gleaned information from the best minds in the world presently and from the past. He read books over and over again, taking notes and developing talks on the subject because the information was life-changing and he felt the world should hear it.

David now spends a lot of his time educating others on these topics. His PASSION has really become helping people with a hand up, and not a hand out.  He understands that statistics are always at work, and 97-98% of people are going to live their life Average, so he spends his time looking for the 2-3% who are not okay with that.. who want to live their life with PASSION and GRIT!

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