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Why the next 5 years could suck

Hey, what’s up, all you passionate people? Welcome to another edition of Passion and Grit where we believe that Monday’s don’t have to suck.

Do you know that kids that cannot read by the time they are in 3rd grade at 20 times more likely to be incarcerated by the age of 20? It can take a very short amount of time, a very small seed if you will, to plant to get him to read that will not only change their life, but will change generations. I’m not here just to talk to you about reading. That is important. If that’s a passion of yours, help people out with that. That’s huge.

But I want to use that same example in the success of life, and again, if this is your first time watching Passion and Grit, we talk about success. We’re not talking about just in business or just in finances. It could be emotionally or relationally. It doesn’t matter what it looks like for your life. Whatever success looks like, that vision – that dream that you have that’s this big – can be very daunting.

So look at it this way. Envision with me. Use your imagination. Here you are right now. Here’s your five-year goal up here and it’s going to look something like this getting up there. When you look at it from down here looking up there, it’s very tough to look at. It doesn’t matter what down here is. Down here could be somebody’s completely broke. Down here could also be a CEO of an $100 million organization who wants to have a 10%, 15% or 20% growth over the next five years. We need to start moving that way. I’m going to challenge you to start beginning to look at what that seed may be because the reality is if you don’t start moving, five years from now, you’re going to go from here to here. It’s going to be painful whenever you’re here looking back five years to know I didn’t move, so it’s better to go through the pain of growth than it is to go through the pain of staying the same. I promise you.

To take a lot of that anxiety out, here’s my encouragement. Start planting seeds now! Sit down, talk with your friends, begin brainstorm on what kind of seeds can be planted to achieve whatever that goal may be for five years from now. I promise you five years from now, you’re going to look back on this day, whenever you planted a seed, when you stuck a stake in the ground and said that I’m going to go up, instead of staying the same, and you’re not going to regret it one single bit!

As always, live life with Passion and Grit; passion, because without it, life is just boring, and sometimes you’ve got to grit your teeth and do whatever it takes to succeed, because life is short and it’s time we stop just surviving it and start living it now!

Love you guys!


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