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Mondays don’t have to suck

Hey. What’s up, all you passionate people? Welcome to the first edition of Passion and Grit’s new series called Mondays Don’t Have To Suck! Welcome to 2017. We’re fired up!

Why are we making this series called Mondays Don’t Have To Suck? Let me give you a statistic. 7 out of 10 people, 70% of people in the workforce hate what they do for a living. Hate it. That’s horrible! This is something that you spend eight hours a day doing. You go eight hours a day to something you hate, you sleep for eight hours if you’re lucky, two and a half hours on eating, an hour of commuting – guys, you only have a couple hours left in the day to do what you want to do. I see why people are miserable.

What we’re going to do through this Mondays Don’t Have To Suck series is we’re going to try to pull the passion out of you. Listen, if you’re fortunate enough to be one of the three out of ten who love what they do, I believe you’re going to get something out of this as well. I believe you’re going to love it even more and you’re going to see some other freedoms in your life. If you’re one of the seven, guys, you weren’t born to just pay bills and die! You were born to do something amazing. There’s a passion. There’s a love. There’s something burning inside your belly that a lot of times as adults, as we get older, we push down. As a kid, we dream dreams. As a kid, we had big visions to do amazing things with our lives and then “life took over” – responsibilities took over and we had to push that to the side. I don’t believe that’s the way it is, and if you don’t either, come with us.

What I look forward to this video series is pulling the passion out of all of us – of us going on a journey together to find the freedoms in life that we deserve. You get one chance at this lifetime. One chance to turn this into something amazing and I believe that’s inside of you. I believe everybody has greatness inside you. That’s not just some kind of a pun; you have greatness inside of you. You have something that you were called to do.

Your passion is what’s going to allow you to enjoy this life fully, so let’s pull that passion out! Let’s do something amazing things this year so I’m going to challenge you. Join us this year. One video a week, guys. One short video. I believe if you do that with us over the next 52 weeks that you’re going to back at the end of this year and you’re going to say “this has been one of the best years ever!”

As always, live life with Passion and Grit; passion, because without it, life is just boring, and sometimes you’ve got to grit your teeth and do whatever it takes to succeed, because life is short and it’s time we stop just surviving it and start living it now!

Love you guys!



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